Vission & Mission

To provide an environment where students can:

  •     Develop moral and spiritual values consistent with the principles, affirming the worth and dignity of each individual.
  •     Develop intellectual, academic and physical potential to the fullest degree, preparing them for college and for challenges facing them now and in         the future.
  •     Develop and enhance creativity and appreciation of the arts.
  •     Appreciate cultural diversity and develop social responsibility.


Educational Program
To promote an enlightened and challenging educational program for Aryan Internationl Acadedemy's students through a coherent and appropriately integrated K-12 curricula that is continuously examined, renewed and communicated, in an effort to strengthen it.

Spiritual Development and Individual Interdependence
To help Aryan Internationl Acadedemy's students develop to their fullest powers both as individuals and as members of a group; and to promote within them a sense of responsibility towards and interdependence with their schoolmates, their community and their world.

Student Economic Diversity
To admit a qualified student body that more closely reflects the economic diversity of the Hawai'i community.

Faculty and Staff
To attract, nurture and retain an inspiring, dedicated and knowledgeable faculty and staff; and to create a work environment for all employees, characterized by high expectations, productivity, healthy communication, ongoing support and professional growth.

Physical Plant
To maintain and improve Aryan Internationl Acadedemy's facilities to appropriately support and extend the school's educational mission and vision.

Financial Management
To manage Aryan Internationl Acadedemy's finances with respect for all its constituencies, and with financial efficiency and responsibility at all levels of decision-making, while supporting Aryan Internationl Acadedemy's educational mission and vision.

Institutional Advancement
To provide the necessary resources beyond tuition to meet Aryan Internationl Acadedemy's educational mission and vision; and to create advocacy for the school among its constituents, Hawaii and the global community.